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Once upon a time, there was a soldier whose code name was Solid Snake.

He was the strongest and best soldier from the United States.

One day, a group of terrorists took over an island in Alaska called Shadow Moses.

They threatened to blow up the country with a very large missile.

After the Colonel told Snake about his mission, he swam to Shadow Moses and snuck inside the base that the terrorists had taken over.

He climbed through an air-duct to get to the first prisoner; the Darpa Chief.  The Darpa Chief told Snake about a powerful robot was being kept somewhere on the island.  This robot was called Metal Gear Rex, and the terrorists plan to use it for evil, then the Darpa Chief died.

A woman named Meryl helps Snake get out of the jail cell he had snuck into.  She was the niece of his Colonel, and she had a nice butt.

A mean old man named Revolver Ocelot came to try and stop Snake.  But before he could shoot his gun, a very nice man in stealth camouflage cut off Ocelot's hand "Ow!" Ocelot yelled.

Snake went looking for the scientist who worked on Metal Gear Rex.  His name was Otacon.  When Snake found Otacon, the nice man with the sword was staring at him, Otacon was very scared, and went number 1 in his trousers.  Snake and the robot ninja fought, which made Snake realize they were best friends.

Snake found Meryl by looking at her patootie, then they met a scary man named Psycho Mantis.  "So, Snake," he said "I see you like Castlevania.".

Meryl and Snake kept moving until a woman named Sniper Wolf hurt Meryl and captured Snake.

Revolver Ocelot tortured Snake because he was very mean, but Snake did not give up because he was good at pressing the circle button.

Otacon gave Snake some ketchup through Snake's cell door, because Otacon is stupid.

After Snake escaped, he fought a lot of the terrorists, including the leader of the group, his name was Liquid Snake.  Liquid was Snake's evil British brother, but even though they fought many times, Liquid was not killed.

Eventually, Snake made it to Metal Gear Rex and tried to shut it down, but accidentally activated it, whoops!

After it was turned on, Liquid Snake got in Metal Gear Rex to drive it and destroy the earth. "It's not over yet!" he yelled.

But the nice ninja showed up one last time to try and stop Metal Gear Rex from doing anything bad.  With the ninja's help, Snake destroyed Metal Gear Rex's radar, then the nice ninja died, and this made Snake sad.

Snake fought Liquid and won the fight by shooting rockets at him, beating him up on top of Metal Gear Rex, then shooting him in the face from a moving truck, then giving him a cold.  Snake was very tired.

He then escaped Shadow Moses with Meryl, and they both lived happily ever after...until a few years later...

The End!
This is a Metal Gear Solid, told as a children's story-book.

I would like to thank Ashly and Anthony Burch for inspiring me to post the entire story, ready to be read to everyone outside of that video.  If you want to watch the video yourself, here's the link.…
retroarcademonkey Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
I just made an audio recording of this on Newgrounds!  You can check it out here:…
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